The Oil Palm

What is it used for?

Palm fruit oil is consumed worldwide in more than 100 countries. In some parts of the world, palm fruit oil is often still consumed in its unrefined state, as an ingredient of traditional dishes, where it contributes its characteristic golden red color and unique flavor. However, to most users, palm oil is more familiar as a refined vegetable oil product purchased at their local store and incorporated into their everyday foods.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the foods you eat are made with palm oil. Baked goods. Instant noodles. Baby formula. Cake mixes. Breakfast bars. Potato chips. Crackers and other snacks. And restaurant foods such as French fries. Palm oil is abundant, and is increasingly recognized as having a role to play in a healthy balanced diet.

Of the oils and fats on the market, palm fruit oil serves well many of might best meet today’s consumers criteria. It is healthful, abundantly available, relatively inexpensive, and technically suitable for most food products. Perhaps this is why palm oil has become the largest internationally traded vegetable oil in the world proving its acceptance in the global market.

About 90 percent of palm oil currently goes into food and consumer goods applications and the remaining 10 percent goes into non-food applications.