This Weekend: Palm Oil Food Truck Visits Lyon and Bordeaux

French Chef David Martin has new Palm Oil recipes for French consumers to discover

After the successes of the Palm Oil Food Truck in La Defense and Foire de Paris earlier this year, Chef David Martin is back behind the wheel of his moving kitchen. Chef Martin will be parking his Food Truck in Lyon and Bordeaux, two French cities known for their gastronomy and wine. The Chef will be preparing delicious dishes using Malaysian Palm Oil.

The chef’s four new Palm Oil recipes are a fusion of French and Asian cooking –

  • Chicken mango;
  • Fish fillet with coconut milk and red Palm Oil sauce;
  • Sweet potato fritters with spicy sauce;
  • A banana wrap with red fruits sauce.

If you are in the neighborhood make sure to come and meet chef Martin in person!

Saturday 19 November 2016 from 11.30 am at Place Antonin Jutard in Lyon

Sunday 20 November 2016 from 11.30 am at Marché des Capucins in Bordeaux

You can follow the events live on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and on The Oil Palm’s English and French twitter accounts.


Facts on David Martin:

Chef David Martin is a French chef, celebrity and former TV host. He has opened and managed restaurants in Paris, and also two restaurants in Cambodia next to the Angkor temples where he lived for a couple of years. It was in Cambodia where the chef first learned about the benefits of palm oil as a local, healthy vegetable oil.