The Oil Palm

US medical expert discovers the ‘miracle’ of palm oil

American television talk show host and respected cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Mehmet Oz, has recently discovered the ‘miraculous’ health benefits of red palm oil.

In a recent episode of his widely viewed television show, the American doctor and Professor at Columbia University described the red color of the palm oil as a “stop sign for aging”. Dr Oz said that consuming the vegetable oil can fight the aging process, aid fat loss and combat heart disease.
The health benefits of red palm oil have been known in Asia for decades, where most of the world’s palm oil is produced, and where palm oil is widely consumed as a vegetable oil staple. However, the health benefits of palm oil have only recently been discovered by American consumers.
Red palm oil is now being sold in the US as a dietary additive, and is expected to become one of the new ‘super-foods’ for 2013. Proponents such as Dr Oz believe that regular consumption of the vegetable oil can help reduce body weight, maintain healthy brain activity and fight off harmful free radicals.
These health benefits stem from beneficial nutrients naturally found in palm oil, namely carotene (a powerful antioxidant) and tocotrienol (a good source of vitamin E).
According to Dr Oz, and expert guest Bryce Wylde, tocotrienols increase blood flow to the brain and reduce the damage done by free radicals. As a result, the vegetable oil contains properties that have been associated with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Dr. Oz and Bryce Wylde recommend the consumption of two tablespoons  of red palm oil per day, in order to realize its potential health benefits.