The Oil Palm

Small Farmers

Malaysia’s small farmers are a robust and diverse group of individuals contributing to Malaysia’s national prosperity and cultural identity.  With almost 40 per cent of the oil palms cultivated by small farmers, Malaysia’s 300,000 + small farmers cultivating plantations between 4 and 40 hectares in size are instrumental in producing over 18 million tonnes of palm oil every year.

Malaysia’s small farmers are not the biggest players in the palm oil industry, and are consistently overlooked by non-governmental organizations in the wider international debate over palm oil. But come to Malaysia and the small farmer is not only applauded, but widely recognized for their importance not just to palm oil production but to creating a more prosperous and just society.  Further development of small farmer plantations is a key component of Malaysia’s effort to achieve high-income status by 2020, as indicated by the Government’s Economic Transformation Programme.

To learn more about the daily life of Malaysia’s small farmers, take a look at our video interviews with block leaders, plantation managers, small farmers and local small business owners to learn how palm oil has positively affected their lives and the lives of their families.

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