Palm Oil Economics

Palm Oil imports contributed widely throughout the global economy
including in food, energy and multiple consumer products.

USA $8.76BN $860M 62,000 JOBS
EU28 €6.42BN €1.2BN 93,6200 JOBS
India ₹221BN ₹23.84BN 1,134,000 JOBS
China ¥59.31BN ¥6.16BN 929,000 JOBS
Rest of the World €8.92BN €1.56BN 411,000 JOBS

  1. Over $44bn of traded palm oil was associated with an indirect contribution to value added in downstream industries of nearly $17bn; or an indirect and induced contribution to GDP of nearly $39bn.
  2. Palm Oil is associated with a contribution to tax revenues in the world of $4.3bn.
  3. Palm Oil is associated with creating and sustaining 2.9m jobs globally.