Palm Oil & Protectionism: Fact-checking the European Parliament Report

Ahead of the vote on Palm Oil & Deforestation in the European Parliament on April 4th, The Oil Palm is fact-checking the Environment Committee’s Report.

Here are the Facts.

#8 – Competing Oilseeds


In Paragraph 83, the Report states –

Recommends finding and promoting more sustainable alternatives for biofuel use, such as European oils produced from domestically cultivated rape and sunflower seeds


The ENVI Report openly admits that restriction of Palm Oil as a biofuel is a protectionist strategy to provide a “taxpayer bailout” for the rape and sunflower seed industry.

Here are the facts: European rapeseed and sunflower use more land, more pesticides and more energy, compared to Malaysian Palm Oil. These oils are significantly more expensive, adding unnecessary costs for European consumers and businesses.

The only path for European oilseeds to compete with Palm Oil is through discriminatory and protectionist laws invented in Brussels, as evidenced in the Renewable Energy Directive. Such discrimination against Malaysian exports is harmful to future trade relations and to the small farmers.