Authors Pieter-Jan Hannes

Once upon a day

My name is Pieter-Jan and I am a Belgian athlete. I specialise in middle-distance, primarily the 1500 metres, as well as cross-country running. I am often asked: “You keep making progress year after year. What’s your secret?” And quite frankly, there is no secret. I’m just trying to be awesome in living the athlete’s life. It basically comes down to bringing it back to the essence: No to stress, yes to feng shui, decent food and a load of training. But for you the get a clearer picture of what a typical day is for me, here’s a short film showing my life as an athlete.

By Pieter-Jan Hannes

Pieter-Jan Hannes is a gold medal-winning Belgian athlete, specializing in middle-distance running. He won the European Under-23 Championships in 2013, as well as qualifying for the World Championships.