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Malaysian Palm Oil Explained to Young People

For me, palm oil was very much a cultural product growing up: I knew all about it, and was cooking with it from an early age. So I was familiar with why so many people around the world use palm oil as a healthy cooking oil.

However, for many people growing up in Belgium, perhaps they don’t know much about palm oil, and there is a lack of information because it is not a Belgian product. It’s good that a new campaign has been launched to give more information to young people in Belgium and France about palm oil, and to give a better feeling about the cultural background, and also the nutritional aspects.

I must admit that I have been surprised to see some of the hostility towards palm oil in recent years, and some of the sad misunderstandings that are written.

For so many people in Africa, palm oil is consumed exactly like olive oil in Europe. We use it for all sorts of dishes. We use it to cook, fry and seasoning our chicken, fish and salads. An African meal would not have the same taste without palm oil!

I really hope this campaign will change the attitude towards palm oil and convince Belgian consumers that palm oil is a normal food product like so many others. I hope many people will visit the website to find out more –

By Anne Zagré

Anne Zagré is a Belgian sprinter and hurdler, who has represented Belgium in European and World Championships, and the Olympic Games. She has won three gold medals at Youth and senior level and in 2014 placed fourth in the senior European Championships, in Zurich.