Malaysian Palm Oil Council Response to the Financial Times

In response to a recent story in the Financial Times, Growing issue for palm oil producers, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council in a letter to editor expressed its disappointment with the accuracy of the news report and its representation of the Malaysian palm oil industry. Malaysia has a proven record of sustainability, strengthening rural development and delivering societal advancement. Malaysia’s palm oil industry and the thousands of smallholders are a key component of this continuing success story.

Smallholders meet standards on palm oil sustainability
Financial Times, May 30, 2011

From Dr Yusof Basiron.

Sir, Louise Lucas is correct in stating there is a “Growing issue for palm oil producers” (May 23). The implication that palm oil sourced outside the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification system is environmentally unfriendly or contributing to human rights violations flies in the face of truth and is a huge disservice to the industry and to producing countries such as Malaysia.

The real growing issue for producers – and particularly for the millions of smallholders, whose contribution is far greater than implied in the FT report – is the misinformation and skewed data being presented as fact to support intervention by government and non-government organisations in, and regulation of, private sector sourcing policies. That the RSPO continues to allow or be complicit in the impressive environmental and social welfare record of its members being distorted is disturbing…

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Written by The Oil Palm