The Oil Palm

Malaysian palm oil brings educational opportunities to Liberia

Malaysian investment continues to flow into Africa, bringing with it large-scale contributions and opportunities for local communities.
Recently one Malaysian palm oil company announced dozens of educational scholarships as part of its community development program in Liberia. The Sime Darby Foundation – a philanthropic arm of Malaysian Palm Oil processors Sime Darby Group – announced 27 scholarship worth US$420,000 for Liberian’s to undertake tertiary study.
According to a media announcement, the Malaysian company has allocated a number of scholarships and bursaries, including three scholarships to outstanding Liberian students to pursue undergraduate studies at top universities in Malaysia for four year terms. Additional scholarships have reportedly been awarded for undergraduate students at selected universities in Liberia.
The Malaysian industry has a strong record in delivering effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Malaysian palm oil companies have lead CSR initiatives throughout South-East Asia, focussing on local development, education and health. Last month, Sime Darby also awarded scholarships and bursaries worth RM13.9 million to 150 individuals to pursue their tertiary education in Malaysia and China.
The recent initiative was praised by Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who commented that: “Education has been a challenge in the past for our young people and Sime Darby’s effort to support education is very good.”
According to the most recent data published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), only eight percent of the Liberian population enroll in tertiary education. The Malaysian palm oil model is being embraced in Africa; and is bringing with it new opportunities to assist Liberians acquire tertiary education.