David Martin

Landslide Victory for the Malaysian Palm Oil Food Truck Tour de France

This past weekend, Paris-based chef, David Martin’s Food Truck Tour de France, made stops in Lyon and Bordeaux, two French cities known for their gastronomy and wine, to present his new French-inspired recipes, cooked with Malaysian Palm Oil. Photos of the chef’s Food Truck journey are online here.

Chef Martin’s Food Truck was a huge success as hundreds of French consumers gathered around his Food Truck to taste dishes made with Malaysian Palm Oil and to learn more about the positive benefits of Malaysian Palm Oil.

Locals got a chance to try various dishes including the Mango Chicken; Fish fillet with coconut milk and a red Palm Oil sauce; Sweet potato fritters with spicy sauce; and the banana wrap with red fruits sauce.

Many families came with their children to meet the Chef and try his tasty dishes. Children particularly enjoyed the Mango Chicken and the very colourful and delicious banana wrap.

The crowd found the food to be of excellent quality, and were pleasantly surprised to learn that it was cooked with Malaysian Palm Oil – and yet it tasted just as good as traditional French oils.

French consumers had many questions about Palm Oil, regarding the false rumors spread by NGOs and other about Palm Oil and deforestation, or saturated fats and health.

The Chef informed them about the health benefits of Palm Oil, including its nutritional properties (including vitamins A and E) and why Palm Oil is an excellent cooking oil due to its high heat resistance.

If you were not in Lyon or Bordeaux this past weekend, you can find photos and videos about the events, by visiting The Oil Palm Twitter accounts and Chef David Martin’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

By David Martin

David Martin is a famous French cook, celebrity and former TV host on major French television culinary shows. He has opened and managed restaurants near Paris, and two restaurants in Cambodia next to the Angkor temples where he has lived for a couple of years.