European Parliament Report on Palm Oil: Read the Facts

Ahead of the vote on Palm Oil & Deforestation in the European Parliament on April 4th, The Oil Palm is fact-checking the Environment Committee’s Report.

Here are the Facts.

#1 – Certification


In Paragraph 42, the Report states –

Major certification schemes do not effectively prohibit their members from converting rainforests or peatlands into palm plantations; considers therefore major certification schemes fail to effectively limit greenhouse gas emissions during the establishment and operation of the plantations… calls on the Commission to ensure independent monitoring of these certification schemes [including MSPO].


MSPO is based on compliance with Malaysia’s domestic laws and regulations, and subscribes to the best available international environmental and agricultural practices. The ENVI Report effectively states that the EU wants to have its own standard, even though MSPO already follows international best practice for standard setting and conformance. The Malaysian Government’s standard does not require oversight from the EU, nor will Malaysia assent to such oversight.

An EU standard or EU monitoring scheme for Palm Oil would constitute a trade barrier, and would violate the EU’s WTO commitments. It would do nothing to advance the cause of environmental, social or economic development.

The Malaysian Government and industry is already working with multilateral and bilateral stakeholders through the High Carbon Stock study and businesses continue to subscribe to RSPO.

The ENVI Report’s approach undermines these important cooperative efforts.