Education is Good for All of Us

Interesting news from Paris! An education campaign on palm oil has been launched this week, to increase the awareness and knowledge about this oil in France and Belgium.

I found this initiative very interesting, and necessary: I discovered palm oil a few years ago thank to my nutritionist and I found this product extremely versatile and complementary to my diet. It helps that my chemistry studies mean that I also know about the chemical properties of palm oil and how it can help my diet.

As an athlete, I have a constant need of oils and fats – as everyone does! Palm oil is a source of fat like butter, and many others. Palm oil is also a rich source of carotenoids and vitamins, a perfect ingredient for when I want to prepare a nice meal before my training sessions and in competitions.

I use palm oil to cook all sorts of foods: meat, fish and vegetables. The consistency is different from other vegetable oils; palm oil is semi-solid at normal temperature, which makes it a perfect ingredient to fry because it doesn’t burn at high-temperatures.

I am glad that other people through this campaign will have the possibility to learn more: education is good for all of us. I’m still continuing my studies in chemistry even while competing – and I hope many others will visit the new website to also learn more about palm oil –