Claim- Radical MEPs submit anti-palm oil amendments to the European Parliament’s report on Palm Oil and Deforestation


Members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) have prepared a set of amendments to the Committee’s draft report on Palm Oil. The original report from MEP Katerina Konecna contains multiple factual errors and misconceptions.

The amendments show that MEP Konecna’s colleagues have adopted the same long-disproved anti-palm oil myths.

  • Multiple amendments claim that Palm Oil is the main cause of deforestation, a claim that has been debunked even by the Green NGO, Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • MEPs appear to blame palm oil for all global environmental ills: when evidence from the Center for Global Development and Climate Focus proves that the Palm Oil industry has been a global leader on environmental commitments
  • One amendment even bizarrely claims that Palm Oil contains trans fats, contrary to all evidence and scientific research.

In short, the usual combination of Green myths, and previously disproved attempts to smear Palm Oil.

The Oil Palm Truth will be rebutting the specific factual errors made by the MEPs over the coming weeks, ahead of the Committee’s vote in March 2017.