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Claim- Member of the European Parliament, Katerina Konecna, of the far-left GUE Group, claims in a draft European Parliament report that: “precious tropical ecosystems, which cover a mere 7% of the Earth’s surface, are under increasing pressure from deforestation and the establishment of palm oil plantations.” (Paragraph E)


This is an absurd statement. The European Commission’s own research has pointed out that the largest threats from agriculture for forests are beef, soybean and maize. This is backed up by research from the Centre for Global Development and the New York Declaration on Forests which points out that tropical deforestation from beef is around nine times higher than palm oil. Deforestation from soybean is around twice that of palm oil. Deforestation from maize and even pigs and poultry is higher.

If the real concern is deforestation and its associated causes, then MEP Konecna is focused on the wrong target. Either way, her claims about palm oil are disproved by multiple scientists, research institutions and even the European Commission itself.