Claim- ‘Kids Cut Conflict Palm Oil’ is a group of school children claiming that palm oil is harming wildlife and causing broader environmental problems in Southeast Asia.


This group of well-meaning schoolchildren is being ruthlessly exploited by hidden NGOs with an aggressive anti-palm oil agenda. It is sad to see the lengths that the NGOs will go: using Western expat kids as props to attack small farmers of palm oil.

The facts: Millions of children from small farmer families across less wealthy parts of Indonesia and Malaysia – have had their lives transformed by oil palm cultivation. The income from palm oil has led to less poverty, more education, better infrastructure, and a brighter future for these children.

Instead of exploiting schoolchildren, Wildlife Asia and other NGOs should actually take a grown-up approach. Working with industry to achieve the twin goals of environmental protection and human development would be a good start, instead of childish, exploitative attack campaigns.