David Martin

Chatting About France and Palm Oil with Ministers, MPs, and Chefs

Lunch with Malaysian Minister Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong led to a lot of interesting conclusions… How do French consumers feel about palm oil? Do Malaysians follow the French media debate? And where is my Food Truck going next?

When you work in the food sector, every day holds its fair share of surprises. One has to understand that being a chef it isn’t only about the cooking. It’s about putting together various ingredients in order to achieve a coherent recipe. In September, I received a delegation of Malaysian leaders, led by Minister Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, to discuss the benefits of palm oil for France. The Minister was in Paris for meetings with the French Government and Parliamentarians to discuss relations between Malaysia and France.

I cook with Palm Oil, and they know more than anyone what Palm Oil is all about. To be able to share experiences with personalities from different backgrounds created quite a fantastic debate. We had lunch with political leaders, plantation experts, scientists and myself: the full spectrum of ingredients.

French cooking was perhaps something new for many of the Malaysian visitors – but of course the familiar palm oil that I use is something they know very well. The cooking was like the lunch guests: the perfect mix of France and Malaysia.


The Malaysian Minister had many questions about how Palm Oil is viewed in France. Thanks to my Food Truck experience in La Defense and Foire de Paris, I have a pretty good understanding of the French consumer’s views on palm oil. I cook with it and I was able to create traditional European dishes fused with Malaysian Palm Oil during those events.

The best news of all is that my Food Truck will be coming back soon. Many of you have been watching my recipe videos, asking me to come take my Food Truck on the road. So guess what? Your calls didn’t fall on deaf ears.

I’ll soon be making stops in my Food Truck in both Bordeaux and Lyon, major cities known for their wines and gastronomy. The big dates will be in November: watch this space!

I invite you to follow my Facebook and Twitter accounts, as I will be sharing more details about my upcoming Tour in the coming days. Earlier this year, Parisians were keen to taste my palm oil recipes: if you’re in Bordeaux and Lyon you will soon get that chance too.

Looking forward seeing you all very soon on the road.

By David Martin

David Martin is a famous French cook, celebrity and former TV host on major French television culinary shows. He has opened and managed restaurants near Paris, and two restaurants in Cambodia next to the Angkor temples where he has lived for a couple of years.