European Food Labelling Regulation – Palm Oil Targeted (Again)

Food labelling provisions have become the latest cause by the Western environmental movement to mischaracterize and cast doubts on Malaysia’s thriving palm oil industry. Having seen the issue advance in Australia, Western environmental NGOs have promoted their cause at the European Parliament in Brussels to implement regulation that would mandate the labeling of vegetable oil sources and restrict Malaysia’s palm oil trade for food producers, retailers and consumers.

Despite the … Read More


The World Bank’s Wrong Turn

The World Bank has just released their long-awaited guidelines for engagement in the global palm oil sector. This announcement follows an 18-month consultation process, in which the Malaysian Palm Oil Council participated.

With their announcement they lifted the misguided suspension of financing for palm oil investments. This is commendable, but MPOC remains deeply disappointed by the outcome of the consultation process, and continues to voice its concern over the direction, … Read More


NGO Campaign Wins Award for Misrepresenting Palm Oil

The International Forest Heroes Award was awarded to the anti-palm oil campaign this week.  The decision to award this prize was based on the premise that palm oil production from South East Asia is a threat to the orang-utan and that the industry is engaged in the destruction of tropical forests.

It calls for products like Girl Scout cookies to be palm oil free. This premise is not accurate. The … Read More


US medical expert discovers the miracle of palm oil

American television talk show host and respected cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Mehmet Oz, has recently discovered the ‘miraculous’ health benefits of red palm oil.
A recent episode of his widely viewed television show, the American doctor and Professor at Columbia University described the red color of the palm oil as a “stop sign for aging”. Dr Oz said that consuming the vegetable oil can fight the aging process, aid fat loss … Read More


Europe’s Renewable Energy Directive and the Implications for Palm Oil

A recent editorial in Europe’s World entitled “Europe’s biofuels policy is protectionist and wrong-headed” by Fredrik Erixon, Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE), highlights very troubling developments coming out of the European Union – ones with dangerous consequences for the future use of palm oil-sourced biofuels.

Mr. Erixon’s concerns are with the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the EU biofuels policy that is … Read More


Feeding The World In The 21st Century

The oil palm is a remarkable crop, providing the most efficient oilseed that feeds millions throughout the world, while contributing to rural development and poverty alleviation. While Western consumers benefit from a low-cost, sustainable vegetable oil, smallholders in the developing world are prospering from the industry.

Right now, the world’s population is a staggering 6.8 billion people. That number is set to rise to nearly 9 billion – almost a … Read More


The Oil Palm – Taking Malaysia’s Palm Oil Industry to New Levels

Today, The Oil Palm site was announced to counter online propaganda of NGOs against the palm oil industry and highlight the industry’s contributions to global economic development and food security.  Palm oil cultivation is helping developing countries develop, providing an inexpensive and healthy source of food and is helping to increase living standards.  And as one of the most energy efficient sources of renewable energy, palm oil based-biofuels are bringing … Read More


Malaysia Chronicle: Cooking Sumptuous Feast with Palm Oil

NGAI Wai Heng, a Cantonese, learnt to prepare sumptuous Hakka meals when she married Yee Yon Fah, the eldest son of a Hakka family.

Ngai, still living with her 90-year-old mother-in-law Thye Mooi Ying, explained that it is normal for the wife to follow and adopt the culture of the husband’s family.

The traditional Hakka reunion dishes that Ngai showcased when met in the presence of her still-discerning mother-in-law were … Read More


Beware cascading effects of EU energy directive

MAJOR palm oil producing countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia must be watchful for the “cascading” effects of the proposed European Union’s (EU) Renewable Energy Directive (RED) next year, warned a visiting European economist.

The EU may be the first to start on a technical regulation and methodology like its RED to address climate change, but the move, if left unchecked, could lead to similar actions by other countries.

Fredrik … Read More


Malaysia’s Contribution to Low-Cost, Sustainable Energy in Hawaii

In February, the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) announced that it had successfully tested burning palm oil biodiesel at its Kahe Power Plant. This has been an effort nearly three years in the making, with close collaboration with Malaysian palm oil producer, Sime Darby. Unfortunately, the exercise has not been without its detractors, particularly among international environmental pressure groups that see any and all use of palm oil as an environmental … Read More