The Next Palm Oil Challenge in France

Every year since 2012, Socialist Party politicians in France often supported by the French Government have attempted to place a tax on Palm Oil products.

The most recent attempt was defeated in July 2016, thanks to a strong campaign from producing countries. However, French lawmakers have since announced that they will take two actions. First, they will re-examine taxation on all vegetable oils. Second, they will introduce a Sustainability Criteria … Read More

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Environmental Activism Dressed Up as Health Research

Recently, two US universities launched an unprovoked attack on the Malaysian Palm Oil industry, peddling misleading statistics about the haze event of 2015. Greenpeace has used these erroneous figures to spread fears about Malaysian Palm Oil, including at the EPOC Conference currently underway in Warsaw.

Harvard and Columbia Universities launched a report that attempted to quantify the number of deaths from the haze event of 2015.  In doing so, they … Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: New Study Outlines Global Economic Benefits of Palm Oil

Palm Oil Imports Add $39bn to Global Economy; Create 2.9 Million Jobs

Kuala Lumpur (5 October 2016) – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) commissioned the London based consulting firm Europe Economics to quantify the enormous benefits of palm oil for the world economy.

The new study uses economic modelling to analyse palm oil’s role as the world’s most popular, land-efficient and cost-effective oil, and measure the positive impacts for … Read More

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The Oil Palm’s Q&A Series: Interview with Professor Pierre Garello

Pierre Garello is a Professor of Economics at Université Aix-Marseille in France. During the debate on the French Biodiversity Bill in 2016, Professor Garello presented a study on the Economic Facts About Palm Oil Taxation in France, outlining why a new Palm Oil tax was ‘factually and materially wrong’.

Q – French Senators put forward in early 2016 a proposal for an additional tax on Palm Oil. As … Read More

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The Campaign Against Palm Oil Biofuel Heats Up

Green NGOs, anti-biofuel campaigners and competing vegetable oils producers are starting to escalate their campaign against Palm Oil ahead of the revision of Renewable Energy Directive (RED) that will occur later this year.

The anti-palm oil campaign has recruited politicians, including Member of the European Parliament Maria Teresa Giménez Barbat, a “centre-right liberal” to launch one of the first attacks. Recently, she authored a parliamentary question that condemned the use … Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: End of the Road for French Palm Oil Tax

Kuala Lumpur (21 July 2016) – The proposed French Palm Oil tax has been definitively rejected, following the final decision by the French National Assembly yesterday.

The French Government, National Assembly, and Senate have now all confirmed the rejection of the Palm Oil tax. This decision is a strong statement towards strengthening the relations between France and Malaysia.

The French Government has stated that it will review the taxation of … Read More

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ANSA NEWS: Spread with most glycerol is not made with palm oil but sunflower

Test from German consumer association shows the problem is in refining.

ROME (ANSA) – The spread with the highest number of GE and 3-MCPD contaminants, does not contain palm oil but rather sunflower oil. GE is a substance with glycerol on which EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, has recently published a study assessing the risks to public health. This finding in relation to sunflower oil is concluded by Stiftung … Read More

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