ICYMI: Malaysian Foreign Minister Sends Strong Message to EU About Proposed Ban on Palm Oil

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah confirms potential WTO challenge

Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, the country’s top diplomat, chastised Europe’s discriminatory tactics to ban palm oil biofuels from the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), as part of a bigger EU wide campaign to exclude palm oil from the EU market, in an interview with Bloomberg this week.

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Important Statement from Malaysian Government: EU Must Drop Deforestation Criteria Proposal

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – 5th February 2019. Today, Malaysian Minister of Primary Industries, Ms. Teresa Kok, urged the European Union to drop the Delegated Act, or Deforestation Criteria.

  1. The EU Commission is considering defining Palm Oil as “High Risk” in a Delegated Act due to be released this month. To be clear: the Malaysian Government considers that labelling Palm Oil as “High Risk” is a Ban on Palm Oil,
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