The Apology that Oil Palm Growers Need to Hear

NGOs and campaign groups rarely admit that they are wrong. They almost never admit that an industry that they have been campaigning against is right.

But that is effectively what the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) – a US-based campaign group – has done in relation to palm oil.

UCS has pointed out that palm oil is not the environmental bogeyman that NGOs have made it out to be. Why? … Read More

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Claim – The University of York has blamed oil palm plantations for restricting the movement of butterflies in Malaysia, based on research undertaken in Sabah.

Palm oil is no different to any other crop. Research on species movement and agriculture has been undertaken on all kinds of agriculture and forestry activities, covering any number of species and in a range of countries, including Europe. But studies on biodiversity and farming in Europe don’t try to blame any particular crop. The University of York attempts to do so clumsily and without justification. Is this problem … Read More

Claim- Radical MEPs submit anti-palm oil amendments to the European Parliament’s report on Palm Oil and Deforestation


Members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) have prepared a set of amendments to the Committee’s draft report on Palm Oil. The original report from MEP Katerina Konecna contains multiple factual errors and misconceptions.

The amendments show that MEP Konecna’s colleagues have adopted the same long-disproved anti-palm oil myths.

  • Multiple amendments claim that Palm Oil is the main cause of deforestation, a claim that has been debunked even
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