Don’t miss Champion Pieter-Jan Hannes’ interview on Actua TV!

This weekend from Saturday to Sunday, Actua TV in Belgium will broadcast an exclusive interview with champion runner Pieter-Jan Hannes. Three times Belgian champion cross country running and European junior champion in 1500m, represented Belgium this year in the Olympic Games in Rio, reaching the semi-finals of the 1500m.

A young and promising athlete, Pieter-Jan will discuss his healthy lifestyle and how he came to use palm oil as part … Read More


Bad Swiss Timing on Palm Oil Harms Trade Prospects

A bizarre decision by a local school board in Switzerland could have significant ramifications for a trade deal between some non-EU European countries and Malaysia. The Italian Swiss Canton School Board has decided to ban palm oil from public schools, in a knee-jerk response to some anti-palm oil campaigns. That the decision has no scientific rationale behind it whatsoever should be one concern – not to mention that it will … Read More

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The Next Palm Oil Challenge in France

Every year since 2012, Socialist Party politicians in France often supported by the French Government have attempted to place a tax on Palm Oil products.

The most recent attempt was defeated in July 2016, thanks to a strong campaign from producing countries. However, French lawmakers have since announced that they will take two actions. First, they will re-examine taxation on all vegetable oils. Second, they will introduce a Sustainability Criteria … Read More

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Chatting About France and Palm Oil with Ministers, MPs, and Chefs

Lunch with Malaysian Minister Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong led to a lot of interesting conclusions… How do French consumers feel about palm oil? Do Malaysians follow the French media debate? And where is my Food Truck going next?

When you work in the food sector, every day holds its fair share of surprises. One has to understand that being a chef it isn’t only about the cooking. It’s about … Read More


Environmental Activism Dressed Up as Health Research

Recently, two US universities launched an unprovoked attack on the Malaysian Palm Oil industry, peddling misleading statistics about the haze event of 2015. Greenpeace has used these erroneous figures to spread fears about Malaysian Palm Oil, including at the EPOC Conference currently underway in Warsaw.

Harvard and Columbia Universities launched a report that attempted to quantify the number of deaths from the haze event of 2015.  In doing so, they … Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: New Study Outlines Global Economic Benefits of Palm Oil

Palm Oil Imports Add $39bn to Global Economy; Create 2.9 Million Jobs

Kuala Lumpur (5 October 2016) – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) commissioned the London based consulting firm Europe Economics to quantify the enormous benefits of palm oil for the world economy.

The new study uses economic modelling to analyse palm oil’s role as the world’s most popular, land-efficient and cost-effective oil, and measure the positive impacts for … Read More

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Chef David Martin’s cooking recipes – Alloco my way

French Chef David Martin continues his culinary journey by bringing you his new recipe, revisiting the Alloco african dish. Chef Martin’s latest creation is an ideal vegetarian recipe, healthy and tasty, that you can easily make at home. Not only is the Chef sharing with you his latest recipe, he also teaches you about his cooking techniques using Malaysian red Palm Oil, oil that is 100% trans fat free.
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