Malaysian Palm Oil Trail: Chef Frederic Raymond Paul Cerchi on Cooking with Palm Oil

Discover the latest video with French Chef Frederic Raymond Paul Cerchi

Chef Frederic Raymond Paul Cerchi is Program Director at Taylor’s University on Patisserie and Gastronomic. Originally from South France, he has been cooking for many prestigious restaurants, including Michelin starred restaurants. He previously worked in Paris, Brussels, Aswan, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Marrakech.


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Malaysian Palm Oil Council Applauds French Government for Withdrawing Palm Oil Tax

Kuala Lumpur (23 June 2016) – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council congratulates the French National Assembly MPs who rejected the palm oil tax during their plenary session yesterday, confirming the deletion of the discriminatory tax against palm oil.

The Senate will now have a chance to put an end to the protectionist palm oil tax campaign by confirming the deletion of the tax when it meets in early July.

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ICYMI: Why Europe’s Biofuel Policy is Failing

In an opinion editorial featured in The Star, the CEO of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, Dr. Yusof Basiron, writes about Europe’s flawed biofuel policy following a recent report by the EU lobbyist, pressure group, Transport & Environment, on the role of Palm Oil in the European biofuels market.

The Star: Demonising imports, a failed economic strategy.

By Dr. Yusof Basiron

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The Facts About Palm Oil Biodiesel

Transport and Environment (T&E), the radical left-wing NGO, last week launched a new campaign to remove Palm Oil biodiesel from the European marketplace.  T&E launched the supposed ‘exposé’ of the amount of Palm-based biodiesel in Europe. The ‘shocking truth’ of what Transport and Environment revealed was that Palm-based biodiesel use in Europe had increased over the past five years.

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: Campaign Against Palm Oil Biodiesel a Rehash of Old, Debunked Claims

Kuala Lumpur (16 June 2016) – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) is disappointed that the negative campaign against Palm Oil biodiesel – which was proven conclusively wrong in 2009 and 2014 – has once again surfaced. Comments from Green NGOs in various media are simply a rehash of the old, discriminatory arguments that have been debunked and seek to harm Palm Oil to the benefit of less efficient oils, … Read More

Malaysian Palm Oil Council Condemns French Sustainable Development Committee for Re-instating the Palm Oil Tax

Kuala Lumpur (15 June 2016) – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council condemns the French National Assembly MPs who met during the Sustainable Development Committee yesterday to re-instate the discriminatory tax against palm oil, which had been rejected by the French Senate.

The tax was passed as part of the Biodiversity Bill, after Socialist MP Genevieve Gaillard, rapporteur, proposed to re-introduce the 90EUR per tonne tax on palm oil. This action … Read More

Why Fatty Foods Do Not Have to Mean ‘Getting Fat’: An Explanation of Human Metabolism

It sounds intuitive: eat food-containing fat, and you will get fat. And yet it simply is not always true. For many people, this is very difficult to grasp, because this principle, this assertion is intuitive.  And as is usually the case, the intuitive always seems to override the actual facts.

Unfortunately, biology is not there to be simplistic.  It teaches us that it is not the fat that we eat … Read More


Olio palma: studio Cambridge,alternativa ok a grassi cattivi

ROMA – ”L’olio di palma può essere considerato come una sana alternativa ai nocivi grassi trans grazie al suo buon equilibrio tra quelli saturi e insaturi e ad una discreta durata di conservazione”. A parlare è Rajiv Chowdhury, professore associato presso il dipartimento Global Cardiovascular Health dell’Università di Cambridge, che ha pubblicato una ricerca ripresa in uno studio appena pubblicato della National Obesity Forum, che ha rivisto le attuali linee … Read More

Palm oil: Cambridge study, good alternative to bad fats

ROME – ”Palm oil can be considered as a healthier alternative to trans fats with its perfect balance of saturated and unsaturated fats and while maintaining reasonable shelf-life”, says Rajiv Chowdhury, associate professor in the department Global Cardiovascular Health of the University of Cambridge, who has published a research mentioned in a study just published by the National Obesity Forum, which reviewed the current UK dietary guidelines, acquitting precisely saturated … Read More