Belgian Runner Says Palm Oil in Diet is Secret to His Success 

Belgian born long distant runner, Pieter-Jan ‘PJ’ Hannes just won the European under-23 Championship and qualified for next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of miles from Malaysia. However, the secret of his success is very much Malaysian grown and produced.

According to Hannes, palm oil makes up a crucial component of his diet, which he believes gives him an added advantage on the running track. “Palm oil is a … Read More


David Martin’s cooking recipes – Sauce Pickles with Steak Tartare

Chef David Martin, famous French restaurateur and TV personality, invites you on a culinary journey to learn more about his cooking techniques using palm oil.

Chef Martin will prepare a series of delicious recipes inspired by the best cuisine from around the world.

In his latest video, Chef Martin prepares a pickles sauce for Steak Tartare using palm oil. Watch the video here:

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The Value of Oil Palm in Developing Africa

Back from the World Championships in Beijing, Belgian runner Anne Zagré explains the importance of palm oil and development in Africa. With a university background in economics, and most of her family working in agriculture in the Ivory Coast, Anne tells us about the positive impact that palm oil has in alleviating poverty and ensuring food security in the African continent. Discover more about Anne Zagre and palm oil here:… Read More


Re Opening MEUFTA

Malaysia and the EU recently signed the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA), concluding negotiations that have been ongoing since 2010. The EU and Malaysia also recently announced that they would re-start negotiations on a bilateral trade deal.

The announcement comes after a number of false starts. The talks originally commenced in 2010; they were called off in 2012, and then there was an announcement in 2014 that they would re-start.

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An Unfair Swipe at NCR?

Noted Dutch conservationist Erik Meijaard recently weighed in on the debate around the reform of Indonesian forest laws.

The debate revolves around the handing millions of hectares of Indonesian forest back to indigenous communities.

Indonesian land laws previously stated that forests belong to the state. However, a 2013 Constitutional Court decision declared that certain aspects of Indonesia’s forest law violated the constitution, particularly in relation to indigenous rights.

The Indonesian … Read More

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How the French Palm Oil Tax Could Hurt French Trade

The French palm oil tax, as passed by the National Assembly in March, is a discriminatory proposal, that would harm the relations between France, and Malaysia.

Palm oil is a major commodity export for Malaysia, and for Indonesia, whether in the form of crude palm oil itself (CPO), oleochemicals or other products. The tax proposed by France is a serious and unfriendly act that could have negative consequences for jobs … Read More

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European Parliament Recommends Removing Trans Fats in Europe

Contrepoints – EU report shows that using palm oil can help improve health outcomes in Europe.

The European Parliament’s research service has published an important contribution to the European debate around trans fats. The Parliament’s eight-page document is currently on its website and anyone can clearly understand from reading it, what trans fats are and the impact they have today on public health.

The European Parliament’s document essentially reaches three … Read More