Global Forest Watch’s Rubbery Plantation Numbers

Global Forest Watch recently issued a study and a blogpost on forest loss and plantations that was nothing less than surprising and at times bizarre. 

The study itself and its objectives seemed reasonably clear. The authors note that there is a lack of data on the location and extent of plantation areas within locales that are considered forest area, particularly because maps and imaging technology are generally unable to distinguish Read More

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Response from Pierre Bois d’Enghien to Upreshpal Singh

From Malaysiakini:

I would like to thank Upreshpal Singh of Friends of the Orang Utans for responding to my article. I am, however, surprised by his lack of constructive debate when it comes to Malaysia’s forests.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) data has been available for more than five months, but he has chosen not to speak on it until now. At the time … Read More

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Yes, Mr. Chanee, Responsible Palm Oil Does Exist

From Atlantico: In a long interview with the newspaper Liberation, Aurélien Brulé alias Chanee, the association “Kalaweit” after taking a picture because of misleading generalizations, factual errors and contradictions calls readers to boycott palm oil . Pierre Bois D’Enghien defends the palm oil industry against the accusations made in the text.
Chanee is why he opposes responsible palm oil?
In a long interview with the newspaper Liberation, Aurélien Brulé alias
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Why are NGOs Shooting Down the UN FAO?

The recent FAO data that effectively said Malaysia’s deforestation rates had fallen to zero has ruffled feathers among campaigners.

Friends of the Orang Utans director Upreshpal Singh is content to ‘shoot the messenger’ when it comes to the new forest data, which was recently published in a piece that appeared in The Star.

The FAO goes through an extensive process of harmonization and cross-checking for its forest assessments. It … Read More

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The French Palm Oil Tax is a Bad Case of Déjà Vu

On January 21st, the French Senate passed an amendment approving a massive and discriminatory new tax on palm oil. The tax was passed as part of the French Government’s Biodiversity Bill.

For many who have followed the palm oil debate in France, this is sadly familiar. The same Green Senators, using the same discriminatory criteria, proposed the same palm oil tax in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The tax … Read More

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France’s New Foreign Minister: a Friend of Malaysia

The announcement that Jean-Marc Ayrault, an eminent former French Prime Minister, will be the Government’s new Foreign Minister, will surely be greeted as good news for Malaysian palm oil farmers and the wider sector.

In 2013, then-PM Ayrault travelled to Malaysia for a successful visit, including a keynote speech which included the promise that “palm oil will not be taxed” in France.

Mr Ayrault’s return to Government has come at … Read More

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David Martin’s Food Truck Comes to Paris

French chef David Martin is bringing his latest culinary creations to Paris. For one day only, on Thursday 11th February, David Martin will be cooking with palm oil in his own Food Truck. Chef Martin will stop at La Défense from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm to prepare some delicious dishes using Malaysian palm oil.

Chef Martin will be serving three European dishes with a Malaysian twist:

  • Potato Churros
  • Spicy
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The Partnership Between Smallholders and Large Companies

The UK think-tank Innovation Forum has published a thought-provoking piece on the significance of smallholders in the supply chains of major food companies, such as Nestle.

The article highlights the significance of smallholders on the supply side of the commodities market, implying that they have for the most part been forgotten by major companies, when examining their supply chains.

In the global palm oil market this is certainly the case. … Read More

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Chef David Martin’s Recipes – Le Sothi Malayalam

Chef David Martin, famous French celebrity and TV personality, invites you on a culinary journey to learn more about his cooking recipes and techniques using palm oil. Together with  French cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr. Guy-André Pelouze, who is assisting him in preparing the dish while explaining the health benefits of cooking with palm oil, they will prepare various dishes that will take you on a fantastic foodie experience!

In this first Read More