“L’olio di palma? Non fa più male del burro”, parola di nutrizionista

AdnKronos – “Non c’è nessun alimento che fa bene o fa male in assoluto e questo vale anche per l’olio di palma. Si tratta di un grasso saturo molto simile al burro e come il burro non fa male se non si esagera nel consumo. Demonizzarlo è sbagliato, non esiste una pericolosità dell’olio di palma in quanto tale”. Parola di Laura Rossi, nutrizionista del Centro di ricerca per gli alimenti … Read More

CEO of MPOC: Why the US is Banning Trans Fats and How Palm Oil Can Help

Palm oil has many benefits – environmental benefits, for its amazing yield, low land-use and productivity; social benefits, for employing small farmers, empowering rural communities, building infrastructure and reducing poverty across the developing world; and, of course, health benefits – for its content of Vitamins A and E, as well as a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fats.

Another primary health benefit of palm oil is that it is Read More

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Answer to Nicolas Hulot, Palm Oil and Sustainability

The authors of a column published in Le Monde doubt the effectiveness of the RSPO certification for the development of a truly sustainable palm oil.

The RSPO repository has eight principles, 43 criteria and 69 key indicators; certification is conducted by an accredited third party – like it is done with ISO certification – which is a guarantee of quality. But unlike ISO certification, which evaluates a management system, RSPO … Read More

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Once upon a day

My name is Pieter-Jan and I am a Belgian athlete. I specialise in middle-distance, primarily the 1500 metres, as well as cross-country running. I am often asked: “You keep making progress year after year. What’s your secret?” And quite frankly, there is no secret. I’m just trying to be awesome in living the athlete’s life. It basically comes down to bringing it back to the essence: No to stress, yes … Read More


My interview following Ségolène Royal’s comments

Following Ségolène Royal anti-palm oil statements, the newspaper Atlantico interviewed me about palm oil. Here are the main ideas that I have developed in this article titled “Nutella to the index: why this recurring resentment against palm oil? “.

The first question reflects the burden of the negative prejudice against palm oil “To what extent is it a bad oil in terms of health? ”

To lift all doubts, it … Read More


My open letter to Ségolène Royal, after her statement against palm oil

On June 14, 2015, French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal, was invited to on a famous programme on access prime-time. in order to promote the next COP 21. She stated “We must massively replant trees because there has been a massive deforestation which also leads to global warming.

“Then she added, “We must stop eating Nutella for instance, because it uses palm oil which replaced the trees. And so there has

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