If You Don’t Have The Data, How Can You Make The Claim?

Food industry news site Food Navigator picked up our recent policy blog in response to a report by Western NGO FERN, which recently made a series of claims about Malaysian Palm Oil.

The big statement made in their most recent report – and that we set about debunking was this:

“the available evidence suggests that most forest clearance for soy and cattle elsewhere in Latin America is also illegal, as Read More

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Why FERN and the British Government have teamed up to oppose Malaysian Palm Oil


The European NGO FERN recently released a report stating that a significant majority of the EU’s commodity imports are the result of ‘illegal deforestation’.

The report was funded in part by the US-based Ford Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development (i.e. – the British Government).

It was authored by a forest campaigner who has worked closely with organisations such as Greenpeace and WWF through his private consultancy.… Read More

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