Exporting Innovative Palm Oil By-Products to China

POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Datuk Dr Pang Teck Wai traveled to China this week to educate participants in a commodities sourcing seminar on the traditional and alternative benefits of palm oil in the world’s largest market for imported palm oil. The event, organized in conjunction with the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) and the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce provided the Malaysian company … Read More


US Government environment agency visit Malaysia

The US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently concluded a visit to Malaysia as part of their assessment of greenhouse gas (ghg) savings from palm oil based biofuels. The final assessment will inform the decision of whether palm oil derived biofuels meet sustainability requirements under the US renewable fuel standard.
The field visit to Malaysia comes after complaints that the EPA’s initial assessment could not be scientifically substantiated.

Biodiesel produced … Read More


Malaysian Palm Oil Council Rebukes Proposed French Palm Oil Tax

A statement from the Malaysian Palm Oil Council Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Dr Yusof Basiron on the proposed ‘Nutella Tax’ offered by French Senator Yves Daudigny:

“Malaysia is deeply concerned with French Senator Yves Daudigny’s proposed 300 per cent tax increase on palm oil. The proposal is based on inaccurate claims that palm oil is bad for health and nutrition, and that Malaysia does not respect the environment. Palm … Read More


EU MP’s Impressed With Palm Oil Industry’s Contribution To Malaysia’s Wealth And Economic Growth

KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 (Bernama) — European Union (EU) Members of Parliament (MPs) are impressed with the palm oil industry’s contribution towards creating wealth and economic growth for
Danish MP Dan Jorgensen, who is Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee and Member of the Group of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament said: “We think palm oil has contributed towards creating wealth and the growth of the … Read More


Malaysia’s Green Jobs Program – Palm Oil Biogas Plants

Lessons are emerging from Malaysia that the West should consider in their drive for “green jobs”, particularly from the Malaysian palm oil industry. Last year, with the release of Malaysia’s National Key Economic Areas (NKEA), the Government identified the sector as a key contributor to economic growth and wealth creation, as well as a source for reducing emissions and meeting the country’s international climate obligations.

Most recently, the New Straits … Read More