Palm Biodiesel in Maritime Shipping Can Increase Trade and Sustainability

A new report by Dutch environmental consultancy Ecofys details the as yet unharnessed potential of biofuels for the maritime shipping sector, noting the dual advantage of cost reductions and increased sustainability. This is good news for Malaysian palm oil producers looking to export palm biodiesel to the European and American biofuel and food markets.

The authors of the report noted the environmental advantages of using biofuels for maritime transport and … Read More


New Research to Show Palm Oil’s Health Benefits Greater than Previously Believed

The scientific community has for years demonstrated the unmatched health benefits of palm oil. As the world’s most abundant, low-cost and widely consumed vegetable oil, this is good for wealthy and developing world communities. Rich in beta carotenes and anti-oxidants, palm oil has for years been attributed with anti-aging properties as well as a critical source for LDL cholesterol (also known as the “good” cholesterol), according to recent comments by Read More


Women Smallholders Vital to Achieving Malaysia’s Target of High Income Status by 2020

Palm oil has been a miracle crop for Malaysia’s smallholders, providing incomes that have led to hundreds of thousands being lifted out of poverty. Oil palm small farmers enjoy incomes four times greater than the national poverty level, while their communities benefit from the influx of business and social services that follow oil palm developments.

And these benefits are not solely provided to men, the traditional breadwinners in Malaysian society. … Read More