Feeding The World In The 21st Century

The oil palm is a remarkable crop, providing the most efficient oilseed that feeds millions throughout the world, while contributing to rural development and poverty alleviation. While Western consumers benefit from a low-cost, sustainable vegetable oil, smallholders in the developing world are prospering from the industry.

Right now, the world’s population is a staggering 6.8 billion people. That number is set to rise to nearly 9 billion – almost a … Read More


The Oil Palm – Taking Malaysia’s Palm Oil Industry to New Levels

Today, The Oil Palm site was announced to counter online propaganda of NGOs against the palm oil industry and highlight the industry’s contributions to global economic development and food security.  Palm oil cultivation is helping developing countries develop, providing an inexpensive and healthy source of food and is helping to increase living standards.  And as one of the most energy efficient sources of renewable energy, palm oil based-biofuels are bringing … Read More