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ICYMI: French Government Supports EU Trade Ban Against Palm Oil

In the wake of the French Government Spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux publicly stating that the “fight/combat against Palm Oil will be the roadmap” for newly appointed Deputy Environment Minister Emmanuelle Wargon, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry effectively confirmed that France is indeed supporting the EU’s ongoing discriminatory campaign against Palm Oil.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed that the French National Strategy to Combat Imported Deforestation prioritises “deforestation and climate change” and claims that “palm oil can lead to significant direct and indirect deforestation when its production fails to meet certain sustainability criteria”.

This is all a clear signal of intent towards Palm Oil and echoes previous sentiments raised by EU Ambassadors in South East Asia confirming the intentions of the EU towards Palm Oil.

It seems as if the EU has made up its mind in regards to the treatment of Palm Oil imports, and that the political decision has been taken to discriminate against Palm Oil. This raises further questions: is the ongoing EU Delegation visit to Malaysia only a fig leaf, while back in Brussels the EU presses ahead towards new restrictions on Palm Oil?