Claim- The NGO Union Concerned of Scientists has admitted palm oil deforestation is around one-tenth of commodities such as beef, and significantly lower than soy and maize.


The UCS statement is a self-described mea culpa that shows MPOC has been right all along.

MPOC and other palm oil advocates have been writing about this for years. We have pointed to studies from the European Commission, the Centre for Global Development and Climate Focus that have proven the clear hypocrisy from environmental campaigners that are prepared to go after palm oil on deforestation grounds, but ignore beef, soybean, maize and other crops.  These reports show that beef deforestation is ten times higher than deforestation from palm oil.

UCS now also makes it clear that the palm oil industry has been the global leader in terms of making zero deforestation commitments. It’s also apparent that campaign groups have put more resources into demonising palm oil than any other commodities. Is this because the major producers of commodities like beef and soybean are in Western developed countries such as the US, EU and Canada?

Now there are two questions for UCS. Will UCS and its other green comrades stop demonising palm oil? And will they apologise to the world’s 3 million palm oil small farmers for unjustly making them undesirable?