Claim- Member of the European Parliament, Katerina Konecna, of the far-left GUE Group, claims in a draft European Parliament report that she is “fully aware of how complex the issue of palm oil is and notes the need to operate on the basis of the collective responsibility of many actors … [including] countries in which palm oil is cultivated and indigenous people, private businesses, or NGOs” (Paragraph 1)


MEP Konecna has very little understanding of palm oil. Her draft report calls for import duties on palm oil and other unprecedented hostile acts that would harm 3 million small farmers worldwide.

The MEP does not understand that around 35 per cent of the world’s oil palm area is run by small farmers.  There are more than three million small farmers cultivating oil palm around the world. In Nigeria, for example, there are more than 800,000 small farmers cultivating oil palm. Her plans would harm these small farmers, pushing them back into poverty.

Palm oil has been an incredible means of lifting many of the world’s poor out of poverty. According to one estimate, palm oil has been directly responsible for lifting one million people out of poverty in Malaysia.

MEP Konecna clearly does not understand – or  does not care about – the welfare of African and Asian small farmers