Claim- Member of the European Parliament, Katerina Konecna, of the far-left GUE Group, claims in a draft European Parliament report that certification schemes such as “RSPO, ISPO, MPOCC” should be able to “guarantee that the palm oil certified by them … enables small-scale palm oil cultivators to be included in the certification system and ensures that they receive their fair share of profits.” (Paragraph 8)


This statement is once again completely absurd, and contradictory. MEP Konecna is calling for greater restrictions on the imports of palm oil, requiring significant financial resources and regulatory compliance from small farmers in Africa and Asia who cannot afford it. This will cripple small farmers of oil palm.

Yet at the same time, her draft report calls on certification schemes such as RSPO to lower their barriers for smallholders and allow them to be certified.

This is wholly contradictory: MEP Konecna’s proposals are actively harmful to small farmers. She also criticizes MSPO and ISPO (certification schemes which have been developed specifically to ensure greater inclusion of smallholders, and which have the support of the UN Development Programme)