Claim- British royal family member Prince Harry says that products containing palm oil should be labelled ‘like cigarettes’.


That’s a pretty incredulous comment to make for a product that lifts millions out of poverty and provides food to more than 2 billion annually. However, not surprising for someone who’s never worked a day in his life let alone was concerned about putting food on the table for his family. Here are the uncomfortable facts, Prince Harry.

As has been indicated previously on this blog and in research from the European Commission, Centre for Global Development and other organisations, the contribution of palm oil to deforestation is lower than beef, maize, soybean, and even infrastructure developments. In fact the deforestation footprint for beef is nine times higher than that of palm oil. If Prince Harry wants commodities labelled ‘like cigarettes’, other major commodities would also need to be labelled — with even bigger warnings. Prince Harry is clearly oblivious to the fact that palm oil supports the lives of more than 3 million small farmers and their families in developing countries.