Claim- The EU Commission’s Director of Renewable Energy, Marie Donnelly, stated that the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive should be based on emotion rather than scientific facts.


The fact that the European Commission openly admits that it bases policy not on facts, or science, or evidence, but ‘emotion’ is a sad day. This statement by EU Commission’s Director of Renewable Energy, Marie Donnelly, comes as EU officials get ready to revise the RED Directive.

For anyone in need of a refresher, the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive is being used as a discriminatory protectionist weapon against foreign … Read More

Welcome to The Oil Palm Truth Blog

Today, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) launches a new Blog – The Oil Palm Truth – that will provide fact-based real-time responses to negative campaigns against Palm Oil.

Facts are the best antidote to the baseless rumours spread by anti-Palm Oil Campaigners whether in relation to Health, Nutrition, Environment or Sustainable Development.

To learn more, sign up for The Oil Palm Truth, click on the link here or follow … Read More

Claim – Australian parliamentarian Jason Wood claimed in the Australian Parliament this week that: Palm Oil labelling in Australia is ‘misleading’; palm oil is unhealthy; causes mass deforestation in Malaysia; and is responsible for animal extinctions such as the orang-utan.


Here are the facts.

Palm oil labelling in Australia is not ‘misleading’. All vegetable oils — whether palm, canola, sunflower — are simply labelled as ‘vegetable oil’. This is what is required by current regulations. The governments of Australia and New Zealand are currently deciding whether to change this system, to specify the origin of the vegetable oil.

Palm oil is not unhealthy. Saturated fats are consumed mainly … Read More

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