Conservation Equality – Demanding the same from Industrialized Nations as They Demand of Us

Amidst continuous claims from environmental NGOs over deforestation and the impact of agriculture expansion in the developing world, an organization has sought to bring some balance to the debate by suggesting forest conservation be equitable among all countries. The Coalition of Financially Challenged Countries with Lots of Trees (CoFCCLoT) recently issued a statement calling on G8 countries and the EU to commit to reforestation equal to the share of forests … Read More


MPOC CEO Questions Validity of Mandatory Labelling of Palm Oil in Australia

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia – 19 April 2011 Dr Yusof Basiron, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), gave testimony yesterday in Canberra before the Australian Senate Committee on Community Affairs on the mandatory labelling of palm oil proposed under the Truth in Labelling  Palm Oil Bill of 2010.

Dr. Basiron’s testimony demonstrated the importance of palm oil to Malaysia’s economy and its commitment to sustainability and societal … Read More


Growing Opposition to the Palm Oil Labelling Bill

A leading member of the Australian Federal Parliament and a Member of the Australian Labor Party Government has come out strongly opposing the effort to label palm oil and discriminate against Australia’s neighbors and leading producers of palm oil.

In an editorial by Federal Member for Isaacs, The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, called the legislation deeply flawed and puts Australian farmers … Read More


Minister Dompok Applauds Malaysia’s Conservation Efforts; Calls for Greater Collaboration

In opening remarks before the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Colloquium (SWCC) yesterday, Minister for Plantation Industries and Commodities Bernard Dompok applauded efforts by the Government and private industry to preserve the country’s unparalleled biodiversity and natural endowments. And while acknowledging the success of these efforts, including the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund (MPOWCF), Minister Dompok stressed the inherent benefits of the oil palm in supporting conservation and contributing to greater … Read More


Reasons to make a mockery of conservation science

Britain should reintroduce wolves and bears, Greece should allow lions to roam the Pindos mountains and gorillas might be suited for Spain, a group of some of the world’s poorest countries is demanding. In addition, says the Coalition of Financially Challenged Countries with Lots of Trees (Cofcclot), the G8 countries should plant up to 75% of their land with trees to stabilise the global climate.

A spokesman for Cofcclot said:… Read More


A Scam Behind the Australian Palm Oil Labelling Bill?

Western NGOs have been using the Victoria Zoos network to mount anti palm oil campaigns in Australia by making allegations linking palm oil production to deforestation and orang utan habitat destruction. Heightened publicity is needed in these campaigns and signatures of sympathizers have been carefully obtained to show public support. The campaign provides Western NGOs a platform for a much needed publicity profile. A Bill was then tabled in the … Read More


MPOC Continues Defence Against Australian Palm Oil Labelling Bill

Today, representatives from the Malaysian palm oil industry appeared before a public hearing of the Australian House Standing Committee on Economics to provide testimony and answer questions regarding the Food Standards Amendment (Truth in Labelling – Palm Oil) Bill 2011. The delegation, appearing before the Committee to outline concerns and the implications of the legislation to the Malaysian palm oil industry, included: His Excellency Dato Salman Ahmad, High Commissioner of … Read More


The Oil Palm Quarterly Newsletter, Edition II

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

The Malaysian palm oil industry continues to focus on advancing policies to support its businesses, consumers and the workers of Malaysia and its global partners. In May, the Governments of Malaysia and Indonesia agreed to establish the European Palm Oil Council (EPOC). EPOC will provide Malaysia and Indonesia a collective platform to address critical issues facing the world today such as access to food and clean … Read More


RSPO Scheme Questioned in the Malaysia Star

As Malaysia announces plans to develop a national palm oil certification scheme to ensure continued opportunity for growers, the Malaysia Star published an editorial questioning the ability of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to deliver these services. This weekend the Star posed the question: Do we need the RSPO? The representation of Malaysian industry and especially growers compared to NGOs and to large Western consumer goods manufacturers is … Read More


New Report Concludes EU Would Be Wrong to Pursue ILUC Policy

Policy would have consequences for economy, consumers and for the EU’s Environmental Goals

A new report, released this month in Brussels by Copenhagen Economics, demonstrates existing conflicts of opinion within the EU on the validity of integrating additional sustainability criteria, such as an indirect land use change (ILUC) factor, in to EU legislation relating to the promotion of biofuels.

The European Parliament has requested that by July the Commission produce … Read More