Briefing: Palm Oil and Labour Rights

The Malaysian Palm Oil sector has been subjected to a number of claims by NGOs and governments in relation to labour practices in the palm oil sector.

Labour and the TPPA

Many of these claims around labour practices in Malaysia have emerged from the United States. Over the past few years there has been a push by a number of US-based labour groups and private interests to damage public perceptions … Read More

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CEO of MPOC: The Added Value of MSPO

Approximately one year ago at a meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian officials gave an impressive overview of the progress being made on the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) standard.

In 2014, a pilot programme was undertaken, and towards the end of the year, a number of large companies had become certified.

One year on, things have progressed further. Auditors are being trained and awareness sessions are taking place across the … Read More

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The ‘High Carbon Stock’ Debate: Costs and Benefits

The newly released draft report from the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto High Carbon Stock Study (HCSS) group has received a small amount of press attention since it was released in mid-August.

The draft report is a culmination of months of work by a dedicated group of researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Notably it is being led by Jonathon Porritt, former leader of Friends of the Earth in the … Read More

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CEO of MPOC: French Senators Need to Do Their Homework

The campaign against palm oil in some parts of Europe, including France, has been multifaceted. There are the well-known environmental NGOs, many of whom have a long-standing enmity for palm oil, and who have conducted smear campaigns in the past.

Then there is the domestic protectionist European industry, which fears palm oil as a better, cheaper, more efficient alternative: often such companies and organizations will also conduct attacks on palm … Read More

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Why MEP Marc Tarabella is Wrong About Palm Oil

Marc Tarabella, a Belgian Member of the European Parliament, has a long and undignified record demonising palm oil, and the 300,000 palm oil small farmers in Malaysia.

In 2013, he made statements that effectively accused palm oil and palm oil production of being environmentally destructive, harmful to human health and violating workers’ rights – despite producing no evidence, and clearly not being in possession of the facts.

In June of … Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: UN Climate Conference in Paris – Implications for Palm Oil

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has become the focus of both environmental policy makers and international campaign groups, as the Conference of the Parties prepares for its 21st Session in Paris from Nov 30 to Dec 11.

The upcoming event is one of the more significant meetings in that it is set to finalise an international treaty that is to replace the Kyoto Protocol – … Read More

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Lopsided Study on Rajang Delta (and a deplorable proposal)

Wetlands International, a European NGO, has received significant press in Malaysia and around the world in claiming that Malaysia’s longer term ecological and economic prospects are threatened by the establishment of agricultural plantations, particularly on delta and peatland areas.

Delta lands have long been exploited for agriculture. The Nile and Mekong Delta areas immediately spring to mind. Such lands are a significant resource for economic growth.

Most emerging economies also … Read More

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U.S. Bans Trans Fats and Palm Oil Helps Replacements

A decision taken thousands of miles from Malaysia – in the offices of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – could have profound consequences for the future of the palm oil sector.

The FDA has decided to effectively ban partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, due to their worrying levels of trans fat content. Trans fats have been widely regarded by scientists as a major negative factor for health and wellbeing.… Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: ‘Beyond Certification’?

In July, a number of environmental commentators talked about the state of certification in the palm oil market. Scott Poynton of The Forest Trust said parts of the industry – including his own organisation – are moving ‘beyond certification’.

Specifically, Poynton said: “The [top reasons the commodity supply chains need to move beyond certification] is that [first] the standards are too weak and have fallen behind the pace of innovation … Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council Welcomes New Palm Oil Resolution in Italy

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) welcomes the two resolutions on palm oil submitted to the Italian Parliament by Nuovo Centrodestra MP Dorina Bianchi, and by the Scelta Civica MPs Giovanni Monchiero, Pierpaolo Vargiu and Ilaria Capua, on 30th July 2015. It is pleasing to see facts and reason set out in relation to palm oil.

The Resolutions outline the health, environmental and economic benefits of palm oil; and offers … Read More

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