CEO of MPOC: Co-existence on Delta Lands

Malaysia’s economic development has for the most part been one of Southeast Asia’s development miracles. Over a period of 40-50 years, Malaysia has become an upper middle-income country, and is likely to be a fully industrialised country before the end of the decade.

How did this happen? It has been a slow and steady process that has involved the diversification of the economy away from subsistence agriculture and export agriculture … Read More

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CEO of MPOC: Why the US is Banning Trans Fats and How Palm Oil Can Help

Palm oil has many benefits – environmental benefits, for its amazing yield, low land-use and productivity; social benefits, for employing small farmers, empowering rural communities, building infrastructure and reducing poverty across the developing world; and, of course, health benefits – for its content of Vitamins A and E, as well as a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fats.

Another primary health benefit of palm oil is that it is Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council: French Minister Segolene Royal is Wrong

Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council responds to the false accusations against palm oil leveled by French Environment Minister, Segolene Royal. The CEO of MPOC, Dr Yusof Basiron, issued the following statement:

“Minister Royal is flat wrong, and is misleading the French and European public. The Malaysian Palm Oil industry needs public confirmation from the French Government that Minister Royal’s comments do not reflect official French Government policy Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Council Responds to False Campaign About Palm Oil in Italy

Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) responds to false allegations about palm oil, and wishes to re-state the recognized, and scientifically proven, facts about Malaysian Palm Oil. The CEO of MPOC, Dr Yusof Basiron, issued the following statement:

“The campaign against palm oil by Il Fatto Alimentare, AltroConsumo and Coldiretti is based on falsehoods and smears. Malaysia is a good friend of Italy, and MPOC asks the Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil and the EU: Is the EU Serious About Trade?

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström visited Kuala Lumpur last month as part of the ASEAN Summit.

Part of her mission, it seemed, was to revitalize the stalled trade talks for the Malaysia EU Free Trade Agreement (MEUFTA).

But the question that needs to be asked in response to her visit is this: how serious the EU is about trade – and trade in the region?

While the trade arm European … Read More

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If You Don’t Have The Data, How Can You Make The Claim?

Food industry news site Food Navigator picked up our recent policy blog in response to a report by Western NGO FERN, which recently made a series of claims about Malaysian Palm Oil.

The big statement made in their most recent report – and that we set about debunking was this:

“the available evidence suggests that most forest clearance for soy and cattle elsewhere in Latin America is also illegal, as Read More

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Why FERN and the British Government have teamed up to oppose Malaysian Palm Oil


The European NGO FERN recently released a report stating that a significant majority of the EU’s commodity imports are the result of ‘illegal deforestation’.

The report was funded in part by the US-based Ford Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development (i.e. – the British Government).

It was authored by a forest campaigner who has worked closely with organisations such as Greenpeace and WWF through his private consultancy.… Read More

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Legal Analysis Shows No Palm Oil Labels Are Illegal and Must Be Removed

Today, a new legal study is officially released by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, highlighting the many European Union laws that are infringed by the illegal No Palm Oil labelling carried out in supermarkets in France and Belgium.

The study was conducted by the international law firm Hogan Lovells, in Brussels, and establishes further evidence that those retailers and producers using the No Palm Oil labels, are indeed in breach … Read More

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‘No Deforestation’ Briefing – June 2014


The ‘No Deforestation’, ‘No Peat’ is a catchy campaign slogan used by environmental campaigners. But what does it really mean? The Oil Palm provides an in-depth policy brief outlining the truth behind the slogan, including how this campaign harms the most vulnerable – the small oil palm farmers – and why the simplistic rhetoric is not supported by the facts.

  • The ‘No Deforestation’, ‘No Peat’ and Traceability policies are
Read More
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Revisiting Norway’s Decision to Cut Out Responsible Small Oil Palm Farmers

Recently, officials from Norway were in Malaysia. Given this, we wanted to revisit the ongoing actions by the Norwegian Government Pension Fund (GPFG) to divest from responsible oil palm development taking place in Malaysia.

The position of the Norwegian pension fund is unhelpful for small palm oil farmers in Malaysia, and sends a signal that Norway does not support oil palm as a means to create a sustainable, improved economic … Read More

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