Trans Fatty Acids: Perception vs. Science

I have to admit that spending more time running than reading books didn’t make me any smarter. But some of the few courses I took as a chemistry student did stick. They proved to be very helpful in trying to separate facts from fiction. Especially on what’s going to make you run faster or live healthier.

In one of those classes, one my favorite professors taught us that a.) the … Read More


Education is Good for All of Us

Interesting news from Paris! An education campaign on palm oil has been launched this week, to increase the awareness and knowledge about this oil in France and Belgium.

I found this initiative very interesting, and necessary: I discovered palm oil a few years ago thank to my nutritionist and I found this product extremely versatile and complementary to my diet. It helps that my chemistry studies mean that I also … Read More


Cooking with PJ

When I’m back from the day’s training session, I like to cook a nice and tasty dinner, packing enough energy to get me through the training session of the next day. It is one of the basic rules to keep progressing as an athlete. For this video, I invite you in my kitchen to cook with me one of my favourite recipes. Carrots, pumpkins, palm oil and a nice piece … Read More


Once upon a day

My name is Pieter-Jan and I am a Belgian athlete. I specialise in middle-distance, primarily the 1500 metres, as well as cross-country running. I am often asked: “You keep making progress year after year. What’s your secret?” And quite frankly, there is no secret. I’m just trying to be awesome in living the athlete’s life. It basically comes down to bringing it back to the essence: No to stress, yes … Read More