Don’t miss Champion Pieter-Jan Hannes’ interview on Actua TV!

This weekend from Saturday to Sunday, Actua TV in Belgium will broadcast an exclusive interview with champion runner Pieter-Jan Hannes. Three times Belgian champion cross country running and European junior champion in 1500m, represented Belgium this year in the Olympic Games in Rio, reaching the semi-finals of the 1500m.

A young and promising athlete, Pieter-Jan will discuss his healthy lifestyle and how he came to use palm oil as part … Read More


Part I – The day before the race

Go behind the scenes and discover Belgian champion Pieter-Jan Hannes’ training and nutrition regime the day before an important competition in Belgium. P-J is one of the most promising athletes in Belgium. After winning gold at the European under-23 1500m and Cross Country Championship and reaching the semi-finals at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he is now ready for his next challenge: the 2017 World Championships in London. Stay … Read More


The secret weapon in the diet of Olympic athlete Pieter-Jan Hannes

Pieter-Jan Hannes wants to shine in August at the Olympic Games in Rio. In addition to hard training, this 1500m runner from Antwerp has a secret weapon up his sleeve in terms of nutrition.

“Red palm oil”, Pieter-Jan Hannes reveals, is his secret to running. “Preferably Malaysian Extra Virgin, that is natural and sustainably produced.”

Pieter-Jan started using red palm oil four years ago. “Antwerp nutrition guru Peter Lamberts recommended … Read More


ANSA NEWS: Rio: Palm oil is important for the diet of Belgian athlete Hannes. It’s a natural fat recommended by my nutritionist

ROME (ANSA) – Palm oil is part of the diet of sportsman Pieter-Jan Hannes who is preparing for the upcoming Olympics. The Belgian athlete, 23 years, specialized in in middle-distance, primarily the 1500 meters, won a gold medal at the U23 European Championships and qualified for the Rio Games. ”An important part of my diet is palm oil”, explains Hannes who points out that in addition to being an athlete, … Read More


Palm Oil Tax: Is France Trying to Undermine its Athletes? Fortunately for Me, I Live in Belgium!

The French Parliament is currently debating a proposal to increase the tax on palm oil. This proposal has been motivated on several grounds, including a ‘supposed’ harmful impact on health. Scientific evidence, and daily consumption of this ingredient, simply make me think that this tax is a not a good idea and should not be adopted.

During my years at University, I have been taught to separate facts from fiction. … Read More

Belgian Runner Says Palm Oil in Diet is Secret to His Success 

Belgian born long distant runner, Pieter-Jan ‘PJ’ Hannes just won the European under-23 Championship and qualified for next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of miles from Malaysia. However, the secret of his success is very much Malaysian grown and produced.

According to Hannes, palm oil makes up a crucial component of his diet, which he believes gives him an added advantage on the running track. “Palm oil is a … Read More


Why do I serve palm oil to my friends?

This is a question I get asked a lot, as I play host to my friends for dinner, including cooking for them (which you can see in my video on The Oil Palm).

When we’re eating dinner, they are always looking a bit confused when they see the slightly orange coloured chicken breast on their plate, probably wondering what this is! They want to know what is responsible for this … Read More


My Two Passions Athletics and Science

In this new video, Belgian champion PJ Hannes explains how science and athletics are two important passions in his life. By studying chemistry and working with nutritionists, he understood the importance of diet and nutrition for athletes. Palm oil is a big part of his diet as it provides beneficial properties with a balanced fat content and vital betacarotenes, as well as enough energy for a good day of Read More

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