A Campaign to Inform Consumers About Palm Oil

After many years of working closely on the ecology and economy of agricultural products and farming – especially in the developing world – it is encouraging to see that Belgian and French consumers will be learning more about palm oil in the coming months. A new communications campaign has been launched by the Malaysian Palm Oil community, with the aim of providing facts to consumers.

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Shifting to Oil Palm

What leads a farmer to become small oil palm planter?

In improving the living conditions of farmers, perennial cash crops occupy a prominent place.
The plantations of cocoa, rubber, coffee and palm oil are well suited to agricultural development, and when they are owned and managed by small independent farmers, their impact on the economy of a country can be fundamental. We also attributed to them the development of countries … Read More

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Daily life of a farmer

24 hours with a farmer: an overview of the agricultural activities

As 3 million people around the world, a small farmer gets up early, before sunrise, in order to work on his field while it is fresh. Since the area of his plantation – 4 hectares – is adapted to his own work capacity, his wife can take care of the household or do the jobs that she likes.

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Answer to Nicolas Hulot, Palm Oil and Sustainability

The authors of a column published in Le Monde doubt the effectiveness of the RSPO certification for the development of a truly sustainable palm oil.

The RSPO repository has eight principles, 43 criteria and 69 key indicators; certification is conducted by an accredited third party – like it is done with ISO certification – which is a guarantee of quality. But unlike ISO certification, which evaluates a management system, RSPO … Read More

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My open letter to Ségolène Royal, after her statement against palm oil

On June 14, 2015, French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal, was invited to on a famous programme on access prime-time. in order to promote the next COP 21. She stated “We must massively replant trees because there has been a massive deforestation which also leads to global warming.

“Then she added, “We must stop eating Nutella for instance, because it uses palm oil which replaced the trees. And so there has

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