Will Major Purchasers Support Small Farmers?

There is a real test brewing for the world’s major purchasers at November’s RSPO Roundtable and General Assembly.

It is this: do these companies support the livelihoods of small farmers?

This test is about the problems that new planting procedure (NPP) under the RSPO have created for small farmers.

The problems are so acute that there are not just one, but two resolutions calling for the NPP to be reviewed … Read More


RSPO: Room for improvement

RSPO is generally considered the ‘gold standard’ for palm oil certification. There are good reasons for this. The organisation and its processes have been in place for more than ten years. It has a broad range of stakeholder input. It has ‘brand recognition’ among producers, financial institutions, purchasers and other bodies.

But there is no doubt that the focus of the scheme is Southeast Asia. This isn’t surprising. Close to … Read More


ICYMI: Why Palm Oil Taxes are Neither Effective nor Just

In an opinion editorial featured in Food Navigator, Belgian agronomist Pierre Bois d’Enghien writes about the ineffectiveness of the French Government’s attempt to tax Palm Oil, and why it shouldn’t be reintroduced within the upcoming revision of vegetable oils taxation.

Food Navigator: Why Palm Oil Taxes are Neither Effective nor Just

By Pierre Bois d’Enghien

The French government’s planned palm oil tax was withdrawn in the National Assembly Read More


Response from Pierre Bois d’Enghien to Upreshpal Singh

From Malaysiakini:

I would like to thank Upreshpal Singh of Friends of the Orang Utans for responding to my article. I am, however, surprised by his lack of constructive debate when it comes to Malaysia’s forests.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) data has been available for more than five months, but he has chosen not to speak on it until now. At the time … Read More


Yes, Mr. Chanee, Responsible Palm Oil Does Exist

From Atlantico: In a long interview with the newspaper Liberation, Aurélien Brulé alias Chanee, the association “Kalaweit” after taking a picture because of misleading generalizations, factual errors and contradictions calls readers to boycott palm oil . Pierre Bois D’Enghien defends the palm oil industry against the accusations made in the text.
Chanee is why he opposes responsible palm oil?
In a long interview with the newspaper Liberation, Aurélien Brulé alias … Read More

Palm Oil – Essential for Food Security

In recent years in Europe, a strong smear campaign relayed by the media has tried to discredit palm oil. Among the main arguments raised was that oil palm should be substituted with other, different, crops.

Yet the question arises: which crops would be able to match oil palm? All competing oilseed crops – sunflower, rapeseed, soy, and others – are far, far behind oil palm on all environmental metrics.

Oil … Read More


Malaysia is Green and Growing

More than 190 countries met in Paris last month, on the occasion of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), and reached a deal to address the issue of climate change. As always, forests and emissions from deforestation received attention throughout the conference.

In this context, it is more important than ever to draw public attention to the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2015 report from the UN … Read More


Davos and Food security: The facts on oilseed efficiency

In the debate over the sustainability of palm oil, an important parameter to consider is the yield of the plantations – in effect, the efficiency by which each oil is produced, and the amount of land it takes up.

Why is this an important metric ? Because it can tell us about the global environmental impact of the crop.

Oil palm’s great advantage is that it can meet both the … Read More


Protecting Biodiversity and Natural Resources

As an expert in environment and agriculture, I have been studying and working with oil palm for many years. I have worked with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and many other sustainability-focused initiatives, and the question of protecting biodiversity is always at the top of people’s minds.

A question many people ask me is whether biodiversity is well-protected within the palm oil industry? Are the small producers, for … Read More


Greens Propose Harming the Environment

Some interesting news in Paris: Green Senators have proposed an amendment that could harm the environment, lead to more forest land being lost, and affect poor people in developing countries.

Aline Archimbaud, a Green Senator, has submitted amendments to the Health Law criticizing palm oil. She makes clear that the amendment would like to protect the environment, and also to help solve malnutrition, hunger, and other problems affecting the poor.… Read More

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