Trans Fatty Acids: Perception vs. Science

I have to admit that spending more time running than reading books didn’t make me any smarter. But some of the few courses I took as a chemistry student did stick. They proved to be very helpful in trying to separate facts from fiction. Especially on what’s going to make you run faster or live healthier.

In one of those classes, one my favorite professors taught us that a.) the … Read More


Palm Oil and Agriculture in Africa

By using and consuming palm oil, I can feel as though I am participating in this oil’s development in Western Africa, even though at my level of consumption, it isn’t a huge amount.

I am from Burkina Faso, but I never had the opportunity to go there because my grandparents from my mother’s side migrated to Ivory Coast, a country where my mother, uncles, and cousins ​​were born. I love … Read More


My Experience at the World Championships

When I think about these championships, many mixed feelings come over me: relief, disappointment, joy, discouragement, but also hope. All of these feelings somewhat summarize all the emotional stages I went through. These world championships were, for me, the main goal of my season. And this is something that is not easy to manage because the success of my season depended on whether or not these championships went well. People … Read More


Greens Propose Harming the Environment

Some interesting news in Paris: Green Senators have proposed an amendment that could harm the environment, lead to more forest land being lost, and affect poor people in developing countries.

Aline Archimbaud, a Green Senator, has submitted amendments to the Health Law criticizing palm oil. She makes clear that the amendment would like to protect the environment, and also to help solve malnutrition, hunger, and other problems affecting the poor.… Read More

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Education is Good for All of Us

Interesting news from Paris! An education campaign on palm oil has been launched this week, to increase the awareness and knowledge about this oil in France and Belgium.

I found this initiative very interesting, and necessary: I discovered palm oil a few years ago thank to my nutritionist and I found this product extremely versatile and complementary to my diet. It helps that my chemistry studies mean that I also … Read More


A Campaign to Inform Consumers About Palm Oil

After many years of working closely on the ecology and economy of agricultural products and farming – especially in the developing world – it is encouraging to see that Belgian and French consumers will be learning more about palm oil in the coming months. A new communications campaign has been launched by the Malaysian Palm Oil community, with the aim of providing facts to consumers.

I have worked closely on … Read More

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Malaysian Palm Oil Explained to Young People

For me, palm oil was very much a cultural product growing up: I knew all about it, and was cooking with it from an early age. So I was familiar with why so many people around the world use palm oil as a healthy cooking oil.

However, for many people growing up in Belgium, perhaps they don’t know much about palm oil, and there is a lack of information because … Read More


Shifting to Oil Palm

What leads a farmer to become small oil palm planter?

In improving the living conditions of farmers, perennial cash crops occupy a prominent place.
The plantations of cocoa, rubber, coffee and palm oil are well suited to agricultural development, and when they are owned and managed by small independent farmers, their impact on the economy of a country can be fundamental. We also attributed to them the development of countries … Read More

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Misconceptions about Cholesterol and Palm Oil

A classic misconception found with patients with cardiovascular disease, is to eat little cholesterol and little fat. While it has been taboo for many years, this is increasingly discussed, even to the point of being questioned.

Until now, there has been enough interest in cholesterol foods to let the unverified hypothesis grow that “by eating less food with cholesterol, we will end up with less cholesterol in atheroma plaque.”

In … Read More