Chef David Martin’s Recipes – Le Sothi Malayalam

Chef David Martin, famous French celebrity and TV personality, invites you on a culinary journey to learn more about his cooking recipes and techniques using palm oil. Together with  French cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr. Guy-André Pelouze, who is assisting him in preparing the dish while explaining the health benefits of cooking with palm oil, they will prepare various dishes that will take you on a fantastic foodie experience!

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Palm Oil – Essential for Food Security

In recent years in Europe, a strong smear campaign relayed by the media has tried to discredit palm oil. Among the main arguments raised was that oil palm should be substituted with other, different, crops.

Yet the question arises: which crops would be able to match oil palm? All competing oilseed crops – sunflower, rapeseed, soy, and others – are far, far behind oil palm on all environmental metrics.

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Malaysia is Green and Growing

More than 190 countries met in Paris last month, on the occasion of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), and reached a deal to address the issue of climate change. As always, forests and emissions from deforestation received attention throughout the conference.

In this context, it is more important than ever to draw public attention to the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2015 report from the UN … Read More

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Davos and Food security: The facts on oilseed efficiency

In the debate over the sustainability of palm oil, an important parameter to consider is the yield of the plantations – in effect, the efficiency by which each oil is produced, and the amount of land it takes up.

Why is this an important metric ? Because it can tell us about the global environmental impact of the crop.

Oil palm’s great advantage is that it can meet both the … Read More

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Fats and Mortality: Beginning of the End of a Myth

The conventional wisdom that saturated fats are problematic for human nutrition is simply not credible any more, in the face of increasing scientific evidence. The latest evidence comes from De Souza et al, who have published in the British Medical Journal ( looking into saturated fat consumption. I will examine the scientific details in this blogpost – but the important headline is that we, as medical professionals, media, … Read More


Why do I serve palm oil to my friends?

This is a question I get asked a lot, as I play host to my friends for dinner, including cooking for them (which you can see in my video on The Oil Palm).

When we’re eating dinner, they are always looking a bit confused when they see the slightly orange coloured chicken breast on their plate, probably wondering what this is! They want to know what is responsible for this … Read More


Protecting Biodiversity and Natural Resources

As an expert in environment and agriculture, I have been studying and working with oil palm for many years. I have worked with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and many other sustainability-focused initiatives, and the question of protecting biodiversity is always at the top of people’s minds.

A question many people ask me is whether biodiversity is well-protected within the palm oil industry? Are the small producers, for … Read More

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Palm Oil is an Excellent Cooking Oil: Heat-Resistant and Healthy

In an article published recently, The UK Daily Telegraph journalist Robert Mendick wrote about how vegetable oils become toxic when heated, because they release “toxic cancer-causing chemicals”. In this article, five different fats are compared: two saturated fats (coconut oil and butter) and three vegetable, highly-unsaturated oils (extra virgin olive oil, corn and sunflower oil).

It is indeed true that not all fats are equal. It is also true that … Read More


My Two Passions Athletics and Science

In this new video, Belgian champion PJ Hannes explains how science and athletics are two important passions in his life. By studying chemistry and working with nutritionists, he understood the importance of diet and nutrition for athletes. Palm oil is a big part of his diet as it provides beneficial properties with a balanced fat content and vital betacarotenes, as well as enough energy for a good day of Read More


The Anti-Palm Oil Campaign with No Basis in Science

In November 2012, palm oil definitively entered the French media landscape during parliamentary discussions on what was at the time christened as the so-called ‘Nutella Amendment’ or ‘Nutella Tax’. A prodigious number of articles were published at that time. And, stemming from its omnipresence in the media, palm oil then became a major topic of public debate.

What fertile ground for a smear campaign! Palm oil was accused of everything … Read More